Château La Mascaronne

Provence, France

Wines : La Mascaronne Rosé, Blanc & Rouge
Winemaker : Laurence Berlemont, Michel Reybier (owner)
Size : 60 ha (148 acres)
Visits : Daily
Grapes : Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Vermentino, Mourvèdre
Wine Region : Provence, France

La Mascaronne’s vineyard instills a unique character in each of the estate's wines. Indeed, the underlying philosophy is one of sublimating all that Nature has to offer while adapting to its specificities.

Located on a hillside at the highest point of the estate, the vineyard is mostly composed of clay-limestone soils. Careful analysis of the soils and subsoils allows the winegrowing team to adapt its selection of grape varieties to the specificities of each plot.

On this land particularly rich in rock, winegrowing has always been driven by a desire to meet the challenges that Nature sets forth by mastering the particularities of each plot, down to the smallest of details, so that the terroir may reveal the best of itself.

At an elevation of three hundred meters, La Mascaronne enjoys a unique microclimate: nighttime temperatures are constantly several degrees cooler than along the shore.

The vineyard’s orientation brings natural ventilation that favors the healthy development of its grapes and allows the team to minimize use of phytosanitary treatments. The amount of sunshine and rain and average temperatures are never excessive, providing ideal conditions for the vine to thrive.

La Mascaronne’s sixty hectares of vines are planted on a single, continuous ring-shaped plot of land. Meticulous preparation of the soils allows roots to reach deep down into the depths of the land, which protects the vine from extreme dryness. Irrigation is thus rendered unnecessary.

Vines are mostly planted from north to south so they may bask in the rays of the rising and setting sun. The estate’s oldest vines are a precious part of its legacy, and they receive the most scrupulous care. Harvest takes place in the morning and is carried out entirely by hand. Grapes are harvested at the height of ripeness and sorted first in the vineyard and then upon arriving in the cellars so that only the most qualitative berries are used to craft La Mascaronne’s wines.

Thanks to the ceaseless efforts of its dedicated men and women, the terroir of La Mascaronne is producing exceptional wines.

La Mascaronne offers ideal conditions for crafting an exceptional rosé wine.

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83340 Le Luc en Provence
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Phone: +33 4 94 39 45 40
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