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Oenology owes much, for example, to the work of Bordeaux native Émile Peynaud (1912-2004) who was working on the chemical processes of vinification back in the 1950s. His work has had major repercussions throughout the world, clearly demonstrating that the separation between an Old and a New World is far from being a reality. There is no clear boundary separating them; on the contrary, they are bound by close links. The proof of this is that there are many companies which today have a presence in all four corners of the world. Many wine professionals move from one to the other over the course of their career… or even from one season to the next! The flying winemakers, the first profession in the world to work on several continents from one season to another, making wine sometimes in the northern hemisphere, sometimes in the southern hemisphere. h26home

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Château Cheval Blanc

Wines : Château Cheval Blanc
Winemaker : Bernard Arnault
Size : 37 ha (92 acres)
Wine Region : St Emilion, Bordeaux, France

The estate, which is located in the commune of Saint-Emilion but borders Pomerol, is made up of 39 hectares divided into 45 plots. Because of …

Château de Goulaine

Wines : Muscadet, Sancerre, Vouvray
Winemaker : Marquis de Goulaine
Size : 20 ha (49 acres)
Wine Region : Loire Valley, France

Château de Goulaine is home to one of the oldest wineries in the world dating back over 1000 years. The historic château is located in …

Château Le Petit Verdus

Wines : Château Le Petit Verdus Bordeaux Supérieur
Winemaker : Le Grix de la Salle
Size : 21 ha (52 acres)
Wine Region : Bordeaux, France

Château Le Petit Verdus is the most centrally located château in Bordeaux, Le Petit Verdus is only 25 minutes from the culture of Bordeaux City, …

Château Angélus

Wines : Château Angélus
Winemaker : Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal
Size : 39 ha
Wine Region : Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France

The vineyard of Château Angélus is situated in a natural amphitheatre overlooked by the three Saint-Emilion churches. In the middle of this special site, the …

Château Gaudrelle

Wines : Château Gaudrelle
Winemaker : Alexandre Monmousseau
Size : 20 ha (49 acres)
Wine Region : Loire Valley, France

Chateau Gaudrelle is a domain of 20 hectares in Vouvray AOC. Its vineyard is owned by Monmousseau family since 1931. It is exclusively planted with …

Château La Coste

Wines : Château La Coste, Rosé d’une Nuit
Winemaker : Patrick McKillen / Raymond Gimenez
Size : 200 ha (494 acres)
Wine Region : Provence, France

Located in the Provence region of the south of France, the Château La Coste winery is constructed with modern architecture and contemporary sculptures around the …

Château La Mascaronne

Wines : La Mascaronne Rosé, Blanc & Rouge
Winemaker : Laurence Berlemont, Michel Reybier (owner)
Size : 60 ha (148 acres)
Wine Region : Provence, France

La Mascaronne’s vineyard instills a unique character in each of the estate's wines. Indeed, the underlying philosophy is one of sublimating all that Nature has …

Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey

Wines : Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey
Winemaker : Silvio Denz
Size : 18 ha (44.5 acres)
Wine Region : Sauternes, Bordeaux, France

Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey has four centuries of history and is the work of centuries, undertaken by various families of owners who have striven to glorify the …

Château Lafite Rothschild

Wines : Lafite Rothschild
Winemaker : Saskia de Rothschild / Eric Kohler
Size : 112 ha (277 acres)
Wine Region : Pauillac, Bordeaux, France

While the first known reference to Lafite dates to 1234 with a certain Gombaud de Lafite, abbot of the Vertheuil Monastery north of Pauillac, Lafite’s …

Château Lynch-Bages

Wines : Chateau Lynch Bages
Winemaker : Jean-Charles Cazes
Size : 100 ha (247 acres)
Wine Region : Bordeaux, France

Formerly owned by the illustrious Lynch family, of Irish descent, the estate was purchased in 1939 by Jean-Charles Cazes. In a building that dates back …

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