Wines of Portugal

Portuguese wine has managed to assert itself internationally for being a unique and differentiating proposal, based on the diversity and singularity of its grapes and its terroirs to which is associated a very consistent quality and excellent value for money.

Portugal boast a vast quantity of native grape varieties (more than 250) allowing for the production of a great diversity of wines with very distinct personalities. Portugal has 14 wine regions featuring over 30 Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC) and any number of Vinho Regional (VR).

Vinho Verde refers to Portuguese wine that originated in the historic Minho province in the far north of the country. The region, and its wines, are marked by the Atlantic ocean influence, in a green and humid landscape, with cool temperatures and abundant rainfall. Vinho Verde is not a grape variety, it is a DOC for the production of wine. In Portuguese "Vinho Verde" means "green wine," but in fact "young wine", being released three to six months after the grapes are harvested. Vinho Verde may be red, white, or rosé,and are usually consumed soon after bottling.

Vinho Verde pairs well with food in particular with seafood or the meaty white fish bacalao (cod). If you are looking for an affordable white wine that's delicious with fish, shrimps or typical regional dishes, Vinho Verde is definitely a perfect pairing. Due to its lightness, the wine can be drunk with lunch.

Vineyards of Portugal

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Quinta do Crasto

Wines : Marquis of Pombal, Reserva Vinhas Velhas
Winemaker : Leonor and Jorge Roquette
Size : 53 ha
Wine Region : Douro and Porto

Quinta do Crasto is a Portuguese vineyard dedicated to Douro and Port wine production. Its headquarters is in Gouvinhas, in Northern Portugal. This is the …

Quinta do Noval

Wines : Quinta do Noval Vintage Port
Winemaker : Christian Seely
Size : 145 ha
Wine Region : Douro Valley, Portugal

Quinta do Noval is an historic name with iconic status in the world of wine. But it is above all a vineyard. In the heart …

Quinta do Portal

Wines : Port Wines and Moscatel
Winemaker : Paulo Coutinho
Size : 15 ha
Wine Region : Douro Valley, Portugal

Quinta do Portal is a family fine winemaking company that embraced with passion the “Boutique Winery” concept. We proudly produce DOC Douro wines, premium Port …

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