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Top25Vineyards is an online publication of Travelindex, a leader in travel and lifestyle content creation, publishing and distribution. For Top25Vineyards, Travelindex has developed a unique rating and ranking index, the “Vineyard Rating Index”, based on its patented “Travel Rating Index”.

To deliver the most trusted hotel ratings, our Vineyard Rating Index (HRI) combines the power of a mathematical algorithm driven by artificial intelligence and re-assessed through the human discernment of some of the world’s top wine experts, sommeliers and luxury travel professionals. h26home

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Domaine Jean-René Germanier

Wines : Amigne de Vétroz, Petite Arvine
Winemaker : JR Germanier, Gilles Besse
Size : 52 ha
Wine Region : Valais, Switzerland

From the first harvest in Balavaud in 1896, Urbain Germanier was passionately devoted to his vineyard. Later, his three sons, Francis, Paul and Charles took …

Terres de Lavaux

Wines : Lutry, Villette, Epesses
Winemaker : Jean-Michel Gosteli
Size : 35 ha
Wine Region : Vaud, Switzerland

Terres de Lavaux, a producer of exceptional wines grown in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lavaux. From respecting Swiss wine traditions, tasting moments, maturing …