Salta, Argentina

Wines : Colomé Auténtico, Lote Especial Malbec
Winemaker : Thibaut Delmotte
Size : 140 ha (346 acres)
Visits : Daily
Grapes : Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat
Wine Region : Salta, Argentina

Colomé is the oldest continually producing winery in Argentina (since 1831). The tradition of producing rare, limited production wines, grown with sustainable practices in a pure microclimate continues today. Colomé is home to some of the oldest continuously producing vines in the world.

Bodega Colomé was founded with the vision of making the finest high altitude wines in the world. Today we continue the tradition of producing a limited quantity of high altitude wines, grown with sustainable practices in a pure microclimate. Acquired in 2001 by entrepreneurs and pioneers Donald and Ursula Hess with the aim of producing fine high-end wines in the high Calchaquí Valleys, it is currently run by the second generation, Larissa and Christoph Ehrbar.

In a quest to find the source of an exceptional Malbec that he had at a dinner in a small bodega in Salta, Donald Hess searched for three years to find this winery in Argentina's Salta Province. Now home to Bodega and Estancia Colomé, this winery was founded in 1831. Its vineyards, at 6,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level, include vines that are 160 years old. Completely renovated and revitalized by Donald Hess, Bodega Colomé focuses on Argentina's two traditional varietals, Malbec and Torrontes, producing wines that receive international accolades. The age of the vines, biodynamic practices, and altitude combine to create these distinctive, bold and intense wines that speak of their origin.

Visiting Bodega Colomé, you will feel a sense of discovery to be in a place so high in the clouds one feels on earth and in the sky at the same time. There is a certain magic to be surrounded by the mountains and the four altitudes, there seems to be a unique energy.

Ruta Provincial 53 Km 20
Salta, Argentina
Contact Information:
Phone: 54 03868 494200
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Web: Bodoga Colomé
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